Study: Street meat better when blitzed

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By Mohamed Omar

According to a recent study conducted by the National Centre for Food Research (NCFR), hotdogs from street vendors (street meat), tastes significantly better when crunk.Adam Hall, a first-year sociology student, described his first experience with street meat.“I was sober. It tasted like a normal hotdog with relish, mustard, ketchup, and that other stuff they always have,” he said. “Nothing to write home about.”Hall, 19, ventured out into the streets

of Toronto one night while off the pisser.“We were absolutely baptized one night,” he said. “I was starving so we

decided to get some street meat.”“My life changed.”Richard Bing, a scientist at the NCFR, said the main chemical found in alcoholic beverages, ethanol, reacts well with the sodium nitrite in hotdogs.“There are lots of ingredients in both

alcohol and hotdogs,” he said. “Two of these in particular, ethanol and sodium nitrite, tend to mix very well, producing a taste that cannot be replicated.”Hall’s second experience with street meat was bound to be special.

“I could barely walk. I was completely sloshed but managed to get to the street meat vendor,” said Hall.“When I stuck that thing in my mouth, it tasted like a marriage of flavor and texture. Happiness was brought to every single atom of my being. It was probably the greatest thing I had ever eaten in my life.”

“Too bad I hurled all across the street.”

Studies continue, as scientists believe there could be a similar link between marijuana and chips.

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