Chang School overcharges students $500

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By Rebecca Burton
Associate News Editor

Full-time undergraduate students enrolling in night school courses at the Raymond G. Chang School are being hit up with an extra $500 in fees for each course they take.

Full-time student fees are the same for anywhere between five to seven courses. This doesn’t account for the Chang School fees, even though many of these night courses simply mirror day courses with exactly the same curriculum. “Full time fees provide students with a full course load of day classes,” said Registrar Keith Alnwick.

If a students has less than a full course load during the day, the money can be put toward night courses. He said if they have a full course load they will be paying additional fees.

“We expect part time, adult learners to enroll [in the Chang school],” said Alnwick.

Nisreen Rawdah, a fourth year business management student, began taking Chang school courses because they were more convenient for her. As she simultaneously balances a part time job and other school activities, night courses became a simple option. With the challenge of not being able to get into full courses, night courses were her only option to finish her degree in time. Over her university career, Rawdah has spent approximately $500 extra at least three or four times just to take Chang School courses.

“The Chang school is still part of Ryerson. I don’t know why I’m paying extra,” said Rawdah. Rawdah signed up to take Finance 601 through the Chang School this year, a course required to finish her degree. She is enrolled in six courses, but it would cost her less to take seven daytime courses.

“I never noticed it until recently. I didn’t even notice it when paying my OSAP,” she said.

Part of Chang enrollment fees also include union dues for CESAR, association for part time students that full-time students do not actively benefit from. In the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) board meeting on Monday, the board decided to take action to eliminate these fees for full-time undergraduate students. The next step is up to Vice Provost Students Heather Lane Vetere to determine how many students are affected by these extra costs.

If the number is high enough RSU Vice President Education Liana Salvador suggested it may be easy to get the university to implement a change. If the university suggests otherwise, the RSU has said they will take action.

“The matter of fee policy is in a process of continual review. I wouldn’t rule the possibility [of eliminating or reducing fees for full-time students] out. It might be considered as an option in the future,” said Alnwick.

Photo: Lauren Strapagiel

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