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Artists need to share their talent with others. Priyanka Jain speaks to a student who is helping Ryerson students do just that

Ana LeSage, a fourth-year psychology student, is hosting her own art exhibit where guests are encouraged to come in costume.

“If you feel ike coming in pyjamas, come in pyjamas; if you want to wear a business suit, go for it,” said LeSage.

The idea is to use art to express your feelings and ideas.

With her event, entitled “Multi Medium Participatory Art Experience,” she hopes to bring creativity to people’s lives.

“People need to be able to express themselves and be free.”

LeSage will also express the importance of community and show that everyone can be part of a community that they feel comfortable in.

“I want to bring art to people, and create an artistic community.”

The art exhibit will focus on creativity, and various ways one can be imaginative. People are encouraged to come wearing whatever they please.

Plays will be performed by Ryerson’s Oakham Amateur Campus Theatre members on stage, and tables will be equipped with blank canvases and paint for guests to exercize their own creative minds.

The planning process for the exhibit, which will be held between Feb.10-11, began with researching various venues that would offer LeSage and her team space for both rehearsals and the actual exhibit.

After looking at several places they came across a reasonably priced studio loft on Queen St. W, which will now be the venue for the art exhibit.

Artists will also have the opportunity to display their work at the exhibit.

“We’re helping out those who would love to have their art shown. Maybe it won’t get into a mainstream gallery, but it’s all about the sharing of expression,” said LeSage.

Ankita Dasgupta, one of the project coordinators of META 2011, Ryerson’s annual fourth-year new media thesis show said that holding your own show goes beyond simply collecting and organizing the art. It involves event planning, financing, and PR for the show.

“Toronto is so supportive when it comes to art but it is sometimes difficult to get sponsorship. Which is why you need to go out and fundraise and promote,” said Dasgupta.

And participating in events like LeSages can have a big impact on the spread of your work.

LeSage decided to hold the event to create another chance for those who aren’t necessarily in theatre or the arts at Ryerson to have the opportunity to use their talents.

“People that are studying theatre have so many opportunities within their program, but people that just do theatre for fun can’t do any of it.” LeSage said.

LeSage’s goal for the exhibit is for people to explore their creative side. She encourages everyone to come out, regardless of their artistic ability.

“It’s really cool to see people who don’t paint pick up a brush and when they’re done it’s absolutely beautiful. We have this amazing art inside us to share, so let’s share it.”

Photo:  Tim Alamenciak

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