Eyeopener Click Picks: Jan. 11

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Compiled by Lee Richardson

First week back and school is already putting you to sleep? We’ve been there, and we know that you need a distraction to refresh your tired brain cells. Check out our top online procrastination picks and take it easy — you’ve got weeks until midterm season, right?

1. Mugshots always look better in black and white and sepia. And when the subjects are 1920s Australian criminals who dress well.


2. Try and name all the countries in the world, and get a better world-view while you’re doing it.


3. A website of a man who calls himself Sumo Dawg. Can’t really explain it any more than that. (You might not want to have this open if your prof is standing right next to you.)


4. The U.K’s ugliest dog, formally called Ug, has a new home and a new name (Doug) after being adopted.


5. This amazing app translates foreign text instantly through the magic of augmented reality.


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