Eyeopener Click Picks: Jan. 13

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Compiled by Lee Richardson

Class is boring. Spiderman punching a religious icon on a unicycle? Not so much. Scroll through these links for more.

1. Try to see all the tourist sights, or try to look through people’s windows, in this giant panoramic photo of London. Then, feel very insignificant and small.

2. It sounds easy but a game where you make an athlete run by controlling his thighs and calves independently might be the hardest game you’ll ever play.

3. Can a book save your life if there’s someone shooting a gun in your direction?

4. Have you ever seen a picture of a sombrero-wearing Spiderman punching an unicycle-riding Jesus (and they’re both on fire)? No? Well, you’re in luck.

5. See a cat determine what (potentially adopted) dogs can easily live with felines.
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