Eyeopener Click Picks: Jan. 18

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Compiled by Lee Richardson

1. So, maybe you had sex last night. And maybe that condom was five years too old. Luckily, the Internet has everything… including an online pregnancy test. And if you had a foursome or moresome, this will help you figure out who’s the daddy. Works for guys and girls.


2. Have you ever wanted to eat the morning news, the weather or photos of your nearest and dearest? Well, buy this and then you can.

3. Ever wondered what it’d be like to be solely responsible for the leak of a deadly virus that has the potential to spread globally?

4. The new record-holder for best cinematic opening credits ever. From ‘Enter the Void.’ For best results go full-screen, turn up the volume and take your epilepsy medication. (Seriously though. If you’re epileptic, don’t watch.)

5. The previous record-holder of best opening credits ever. From ‘Lord of War.’

Screencap image from #4, Enter the Void.

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