Rye listed: The bucket list

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by Aleysha Haniff

It’s a new semester at Ryerson… and for some of us, our last. But what do you have to show for your time here other than a fancy diploma and a raging caffeine habit?

If you’re in your last year, it’s time to start making a bucket list. You’ve probably got a hell of a lot of living to cram into your last four months at Rye High, especially if you’ve been doing the commuter thing for the past few years.

And even if graduation is still years away, it’s never to early to figure out how to make your time here memorable… in the way you’ll never tell your kids about.

Special thanks to Marion C [@mfac19] for the idea!

10. Actually visit the library instead of depending on Proquest and Academic Search Premier. For the history buff, the Ryerson archives (LIB 387) are crammed with some nifty things from the university’s past. And the library actually offers popular literature, books you can read for fun. While we’re at it, how about you make some time to read something for the sheer joy of it?

9. Check out Ryerson from the roof of the architecture building. Yes, you can get up there. Just be careful, OK?

8. Go to a Ryerson senate or board of governors meeting. Sometimes it’s interesting. Sometimes it’s not. But there’s always free food.

  • Next senate meeting: Jan. 25
  • Next BOG meeting: Jan. 31

7. Go to one of the myriad lectures/presentations offered at Ryerson. You’ll feel smarter for it. Or you’ll get a nice place to nap between classes. Click here for event listings. If legit nerdiness isn’t your thing, you can crash a lecture delivered by the wonderful Stephen Lewis. INT 555: Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies is co-taught by the diplomat, activist and humanitarian.

6. Get tipsy at the Ram. People rag on the campus pub, and maybe for good reason, but the drinks are cheap. Just don’t puke, or we’ll laugh at you and you’ll piss off the students who work there.

5. Play manhunt in Kerr Hall. Boundaries are up to you and your fitness level.

4. Visit the Eyeopener office (SCC 207) and volunteer for us. Clothing is optional.

3. Tell that annoying kid in front of you to shut the hell up. And while they’re zipping their lips, maybe they can put their hand down if their question/point is totally irrelevant or best dealt with one-on-one with the prof.

2. Go to Rams game. If you can fake your way through school, you can fake some school spirit. And sometimes we win!

1. Have sex on campus. It’s a timeless goal. Rez rooms, however, don’t count… unless it’s a foursome or moresome.

What’s your bucket list? Or do you have something else you want to see listed? Send your ideas to online@theeyeopener.com. You can also find us on Facebook, or toss us a tweet on Twitter [@theeyeopener].

Image: Chelsea Pottage

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