Mark Single backs down from RSU lawsuit

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By Sarah Del Giallo
News Editor

The small claims lawsuit Mark Single filed against the Ryerson Students’ Union was settled out of court in a meeting on Feb. 9.

Single, who was suing the RSU over the $290 cost of the health and dental plan said he was advised by the judge to settle and must now pay $200 of the RSU’s legal costs.

“[The judge] said I had a valid claim, but I would have to take it to superior court,” said Single. “I could have been viable for paying thousands of dollars in legal costs [to the RSU], so I decided to back out.”

Single said small claims courts don’t have the authority to say whether rules are right or wrong, and since the RSU’s rules on the health and dental plan are clearly outlined, he would likely lose his case.

Single filed the claim early last month. He wanted to opt-out of the health and dental plan because he felt he could pay for his own health costs.

The RSU health plan will not allow a student who does not already have health insurance to opt-out.

“Our policies, I think, are pretty clear,” said RSU president Toby Whitfield. “I think it’s consistent with most student health and dental plans across the country.”

Whitfield said about half of students have opted out of the health and dental plan in the last few years.

Single said he thinks the plan is beneficial for students, but thinks students should not be forced to pay.

“I think the current system is fine, but they should let anyone opt out,” he said.

Single plans to pursue a case in superior court, despite the fact that it will cost him thousands of dollars.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the principle,” he said

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