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It’s that time of the year again — the RSU elections are here, and we’re bombarded in the hallways and in our classrooms with crappy campaign platforms. The candidates are out and this year we prayed for some variety. We wanted a bag of mixed nuts. But instead, we just got nuts.

Students United blatantly supports the CFS. That isn’t necessarily bad, but the union has been focusing on the wants and needs of the CFS instead of those of Ryerson students. It’s also hard to get any real information out of them. It’s common for student media to require meeting dates, only to hear the same generic campaign details.

Some years ago, execs didn’t need prep time to talk to media. They could be approached on campus, and they would give at least a genuine comment about the specific topic at hand. But not anymore. The pro-CFS slates are known for a sense of authority that is high beyond their rank, and this kind of media cock-blocking creeps us out.

The candidates in RU Change have come in with new ideas, but the slate is poorly organized and uncommitted. Three of the candidates didn’t bother to show up to the debate on Feb. 2, and presidential candidate Karol Pawlina didn’t prepare a speech. VP Equity candidate Donna Ryder is currently involved in a lawsuit against the RSU. It doesn’t make sense to us to sue an organization you’re trying to be elected into. It’s admirable that these candidates want to challenge the Students United monopoly, but they don’t have the experience or cohesion to do it.

Therefore, the news team has decided to endorse no one in this year’s Ryerson Students’ Union elections.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote. So, if you’re feeling like we are, and don’t mesh with either slate, we have a suggestion: spoil your ballot on voting day. Wreak havoc on that little piece of paper by drawing your favourite sex positions or writing a shoutout to us at the Eyeopener.

— The Eyeopener News Team


  1. last time i heard, Ryerson students wanted lower tuition fees – that is an issue that is of focus of the CFS and the RSU.

    maybe the Eyeopener should more representative to those who pay its bills, the students.

  2. If the RSU was really so concerned about the STUDENTS and lower tuition fees, maybe, they would rid themselves of the CFS and SAVE close to $400,000.00 a year , money that could be refunded BACK TO STUDENTS . If the RSU were really concerned about students , maybe they would show a little respect for them / us by treating students fairly as opposed to discriminating the way they do now. If the RSU was so concerned about students, maybe they would actually do something when students are being oppressed right in front of them, as they sanction this conduct instead of sitting back and blackberrying.

  3. The CFS is not a necessary part to lowering tuition fees Wilson. It’s an obstacle. I have never had any problems with RSU trying to lowering student fees. It is the constant take on programs that the majority of Ryerson students do not get involved in.

    The problem is in CFS guided programs challenging bigger world issues, while leaving smaller issues, Ryerson issues, to be unheard.

    Sure, the RU Change slate is unorganized and may be not be the best choice. But is Students United? A party that has held power for this long and has been so indoctrinated by the CFS for so long. Can we really trust them to have the best interest of Ryerson students at heart and not the edicts of the CFS?

  4. It doesn’t seem right that the media is biased in any way in these elections. Of course everyone is entitled to their personal opinion, but do you ever see in ‘real’ newspapers such as the Star or the Globe saying “we think you should vote Liberal” ..? Didn’t think so. As aspiring journalists you should be better than that.

    1. It is quite common to see endorsements in the opinion section of major news media outlets during elections. For instance, the Toronto Star endorsed George Smitherman during the recent Toronto election.

  5. Student Unions , when run properly and run FOR students can be good , if and only if they actually work for the students. RSU has so much potential to be a good and effective student union if they were to actually practice what they preach, equity and fairness. However, their conduct toward certain students ,the one who ask questions and are willing to challenge them, is very questionable. they have a fortress mentality , either your for them or against them , is what i feel they beleive in. They feel they are being attacked yet, they are the ones attacking. Well, you can only push people so far before the people start to push back . We have had enough of their treatment of us.

  6. Ask yourself, why do you really think a student would sue, then run? Something is wrong with that picture. Ryder must have a good reason to sue.

  7. Seems like no matter who runs with what platform every year, the Eyeopener will complain and so will the handful of students who have nothing else better to do.

    At the end of the day, these students are doing the work, so stop whining.

    Plus, Students United talked a lot about Gould St., a Fall Reading Break, a textbook grant and a sexual assault support line…are those not specific to Ryerson?

    I’d like to see some opinion articles about the Eyeopener and how students feel about giving them money to write articles that often time, don’t mean anything or are just incorrect.

  8. at always complaining: get your head out of the sand. maybe then your comment will be different

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