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If your budget doesn’t lend itself to a vacation, you can still have a good time at home.

Top Ten Staycation Plans

10. Abandoned your partner for midterms? Catch up on sexy times. After all, it is cold outside.

9. After that, why don’t you catch up on sleep? You’re going to need it come April.

8. Rent that T.V. series you’ve been meaning to see and make a marathon of it. Also a good friend activity.

7. Speaking of friends, remember your bestie from high school? He or she misses you. Make plans to catch up.

6. While you’re strolling down memory lane, you can visit your old high school if you’re from around here. It’s funny to see how things have changed (or not changed) in the few years you’ve been an almost-grownup. And your drama teacher is just as awesome as you remember.

5. Do something active. Grab a day pass for the gym or lace up your running shoes and explore the local routes.

4. All that activity will make you hungry. Your stove/oven misses you — why don’t you fill it with delicious things and actually cook? Living on take-out and coffee doesn’t work well in the long run.

3. While yummy smells are filling your pad, blast some music and do a little early spring cleaning. Sounds lame, but things probably got sloppy around the house while you were juggling all-nighters and group projects. You’ll have a place you won’t be embarrassed to show off, and maybe you’ll unearth some old clothes you can donate to charity.

2. Speaking of charity — do something with that little bit of free time that will make you feel good and make a difference in the greater community. Click here for some inspiration.

1. If you’ve accomplished all these productive things, there’s only one left to cross off your list: Party on, friends! (Just not like this.)

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