Student sues students’ union election official for $100,000

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By Sarah Del Giallo
News Editor

A part-time image arts student is suing the Chief Returning Officer of the recent Ryerson Students’ Union election.

Frank Nyitray is suing Hakim Kassam for $100, 000 alleging defamation, libel, slander and vilification.

The suit was filed and served on Feb. 9.

Kassam has been advised by his lawyers not to comment.

Nyitray, who is representing himself, is currently involved in a number of other lawsuits.

He and previous VP Equity candidate Donna Ryder filed suits against the RSU, the Palin Foundation, the

general manager of the Student Campus Centre and the Continuing Education Students at Ryerson

(CESAR) on Jan. 28. Those suits amass a total of $800, 000 and are not yet resolved.

Nyitray would not comment on circumstances that required a lawsuit because the information is evidentiary.


  1. this guy may single handed be able to do what many other wished to do, and he may very well win….any student union that has done what this student union has done to him and others has no place being in power…. good on him for exposing these morons and holding them accountable….this student union is a farce and the more people like nitray who come out and hold them to task, the sooner and more effectively this student will get cleaned up….

  2. I take no enjoyment out doing what i have to do, however, when I am continually pushed by a bunch of self serving “persons “who do nothing but fabricate lies and deciept about me and others, when my rights and the rights of others are so blatantly and openly violated, when a great many attempts to try and resolve this was met with further oppression, more lies and even more violations of our rights, the only option left is to go the legal route. I / we have endured thier shit for close to two years and now, they will answer for thier actions before a judge.

  3. I’m so glad to see the bravery of this student who has been thru A LOT!!! ur day for justice is coming!!

  4. Frank aka Brotherwolf aka undercoverkitty has destroyed his own reputation by virtue of just being himself. Suing someone else because you are a douchebag, that’s rich.

    1. yup- this guy is only to corrupt and stall people who are making a difference.

      That is why he teams up with others (thankfully there are only a tiny few of these warpheads) who’s agenda is to jam up community groups who are doing good work.

      maybe he can go back to the planet of slime he came from where only sun and fox news plays over and over and over.

      stinks like shit because it is.

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