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A roundup of some of the shadier — and just plain odd — things that happen around Ryerson’s downtown campus.

Security was called to Gould Street to check up on a female student carrying a plastic tub and filling it with mulch from the planters. She reported that it was for a school project. She also informed them that she would return it the next day. Unless you’re growing carrots, we say you are crazy. We were going to make a better joke, but you soiled it.

A ruby red Thermos was reported missing on March 15. The individual said they left the thermos on the third floor of the Ted Rogers School of Management building on Thursday but didn’t realize until Sunday that it had gone missing. Also, a similar Thermos costs $11.99 at Canadian Tire.

On March 16, security was called to deal with a highly intoxicated male on the second floor of the TRSM. Apparently he was trying to locate where to use the internet. Turns out he had hitchhiked here from Sudbury. Security escorted him from the building. We weren’t aware there wasn’t internet up north.

A disturbance was reported in the graphic communications management building on March 17 at 10:10 p.m. When security arrived, they found a student kicking around a bag of paper towels. The student said he had been drinking and was about to return to the pub. We get the paper towels, but what is so appealing about the GCM building?

At 4:35 a.m. near Yonge and Dundas Square, the wind blew a plastic tub from a nearby hot dog vendor and almost hit a truck. Allegedly, the truck drivers pulled over and got out of the car and walked over to the hot dog vendor. Police were called and the men got back into the car and left. No injuries were reported. We say pick your battles. It ‘almost’ hit it.

On March 19 a male non- student approached staff asking them, “Why are you speaking my thoughts?” The staff members were confused. The man kept yelling and walked away. About a half an hour later the same man entered the Podium building. It looked like he was drawing on the wall posters. When the staff went to check it out, he told them that his pen had run out and he was just tracing the curves of the picture. We believe in free expression, and frankly, some of those posters need some sprucing up.

Looks like the Canadian Federation of Students is taking over one more department. The new department is titled “Campus Facilities and Sustainability.” Shortform: CFS.

Rebecca Burton


  1. Clearly you’ve never been inside the GCM building. It’s got plenty going on. Stop the Bond Street hate! WE’RE PEOPLE TOO.

    1. “Stop the Bond Street hate! We’re people too!”
      Amen, fellow GCMer

  2. GCM is a proud establishment. When you are drunk, you go to the places you love (ie McDonalds). Obviously, this student loved GCM so much that it was a necessary stop on his St. Patty’s Day journey. viva la gcm

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