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Rebecca Burton
Associate News Editor

Newly hired station manager Jacky Tunistra Harrison is attempting to revitalize CKLN 88.1FM after the position had been vacant for 18 months.

Filling the position is just part of CKLN’s attempt to stay on the air after they appealed a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) decision to revoke their licence.

Andrew Lehrer, a member of the board of directors said there was insufficent funding available for the position because of internal conflict.

The internal conflict among board members didn’t allow access to funding and members were denied access to the transmitter located in First Canadian Place. According to Harrison both issues have since been resolved.

This week the CRTC will be filing a book of evidence with the court. Within the next few months CKLN will be heading to the Federal Court of Appeal to present their case.

““We [CKLN] need to make sure our case is heard, and two, we need to repair our relations with the CRTC,” said Harrison.

Harrison’s plans to revamp CKLN include technical upgrades, recruitment of more student volunteers, student audio-documentaries, and introducing a program that will track the station’s complete playlist online making it easier for listener’s to sort through broadcasts.

Newly elected students, Alan Hudes, Amiga Taylor, Nooreza Rhemtulla and Kolter Bouchard will join the board of governors after an election was held last week. The group of four is one of the largest combined bodies on the board.

CKLN is now pushing to include more student broadcasting, devoting extra time slots just for students.

The CRTC refused to comment on the state of CKLN but says that hiring a station manager wasn’t a requirement from the CRTC.

— With files from Tiffany Landau

Photo by: Lindsay Boeckl


  1. Sloppy, sloppy reporting here;

    The claim that students make up “one of the largest bodies on the board” is simply wrong. There are eight non students on the Board, otherwise know as twice as many. A quick look at the bylaws would have shown that.

    “CKLN is now pushing to include more student broadcasting, devoting extra time slots just for students.”

    Really? AFTER THE LICENSE HAS BEEN REVOKED? Nice timing. Way to bolt the stable door after the horse has lost the broadcast license.

    Also the transmitter is not in “Palin Hall” or even on campus at all. It’s down at First Canadian Place.

  2. Thank you for your comments.

    The place of the transmitter is not in Palin Hall. We have changed the location to First Canadian Place.

    The point about the students being the largest group on the board has been changed to largest “combined” group, as the sentence was meant to be interpreted as the largest group from one area (Ryerson).

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