Cheap off-campus eats

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By Sonia Straface

As you sit in a packed lecture hall, your stomach lets out a loud growl. A bagel won’t cut it anymore. You need real food and you need it now. If you’re one of the tummy grumblers at Ryerson, here are the five best off-campus places to grab some affordable grub as you dash between classes.

1 Kathy’s Corner Forget Swiss Chalet. If you feel like fresh rotisserie chicken, this the perfect spot to visit for comfort food. With simple hole-in-the-wall decor and fast, friendly service, Kathy’s Corner is a must-visit for chicken-loving Rye students. 139 Dundas St. E. Recommendation: Definitely Kathy’s classic — Fresh rotisserie chicken, Greek salad, rice and potatoes. This meal is about $6 and often enough to feed two people.

2 SUSHI QUEEN Arguably the best Japanese restaurant in downtown Toronto, Sushi Queen needs to be visited at least once. Though it’s a dine-in restaurant, this affordable establishment can be visited for a quick lunch since the service is fast. 204 Queen St. W. Recommendation: Dynamite Roll/Maki. A six-piece arrangement of tempura shrimp, mayo, cucumber and avocado, with the stickiest rice in town. Splurge for the dynamite hand-roll, if you’re extra hungry.

3 CALIFORNIA THAI Conveniently located in the AMC food court, California Thai is a top-notch fast food joint. Spins on classic dishes like mango tao chicken keep the restaurant exciting and fresh. Some combo options will let you sample a variety of different dishes, so this a great experiment. 10 Dundas St. W., third floor Recommendation: Medley 1 (includes one rice or noodle, one meat and one vegetable). Try it with Thai vegetable noodles, general tao chicken and their green beans. Instant bliss.

4 THE FAT OLIVE A nice place to satisfy that Mediterranean craving. Small and cozy, this place is great for bagels, sandwiches or pitas. As its name suggests, it has a Greek flair, and yet is surprisingly affordable. This place also serves a hearty breakfast, with eggs, toast, sausage and bacon daily. 86 Dundas St. E. Recommendation: Grilled chicken pita. Try it with lettuce, tomato and their very own tzatziki sauce.

5 SMOKES POUTINERIE Smokes Poutinerie delivers the classic Quebec dish with a twist, mixing the traditional cheese curds, gravy and fries with chicken, beef and pork. It’s like nothing you’ve tried before. 203 Dundas St. E. Recommendation: Nacho Grande Poutine, which comes served with chili, salsa, sour cream and guacamole.

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