Eyeopener Click Picks: Mar. 1

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Compiled by Lee Richardson

Look at these. Because everyone isn’t ready for assignments yet and could use another week off.

1. If you’re not looking forward to the Royal Wedding, buy yourself a sick bag emblazoned with the couple we’re never going to stop hearing about for the next few months:


2. Do you play an instrument? Well if you do, I bet you’re not as good as this genius who plays along to Mario on a violin:


3. If you’re graduating soon and you’re looking for a little (or big) dog, do the right thing and visit this site by Toronto Animal Services and see ones that you can go and adopt:


4. Speaking of dogs, here’s a pug in a toilet. And also a dog owner with a strange laugh. Self-explanatory:


5. And finally here’s a group of French farmers who put down their frogs and cheese for a bit to have a fight with lightsabers. Those Europeans must be years ahead, technology-wise. Even the French. (Attention RSU. This has been a joke.) :


Image from Link #4. Because funny-looking dogs get people curious. As do toilets.

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