Eyeopener Click Picks: March 10

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Compiled by Lee Richardson

Canadians use the Internet more than any other country. It’s true, it says so here.

Spend even more time online by exploring these links.

1. If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like to go speeding through a Chilean city on a BMX, wonder no more.


2. A knock-out punch in just one punch! Bang, Wallop, Pow, etc.


3. It’s one of the most bizarre looking animals – the slow loris – holding a bizarrely small umbrella.


4. Look! It’s that funny looking man from Twilight with a crocodile around his neck!


5. If you still haven’t seen it yet, cocaine overdoser and domestic abuser Charlie Sheen is looking for an intern. This means he’s basically looking for someone else to have sex with. Apply here.


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