Rye Listed: Why Roll Up = letdown

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We love Tim Hortons. It’s cheap, convenient and Canadian (well, kind of).

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Roll Up the Rim to Win campaign. Those familiar-red and-yellow cups hit coffee shops on Feb. 21. But it seems like I’m rolling a lot of rims but I ain’t rolling in prizes. And maybe I’m a little bitter.

So, without further ado:

10 reasons why Roll Up the Rim to Win hurts the soul

10. Those coffee cups give false hope. Maybe you’d really like to win a car. Or a bike. Or a cup of tea to keep you warm on the commute home. Doesn’t happen.

9. Your chances of winning that Toyota? One in 7,148,780. There are approximately 20 car-winning cups in Ontario.

8. The pressure to upsize your beverage to get a shot at winning. Roll Up cups come in medium, large and extra-large. So, people who enjoy a thimble of coffee (read: small) need to consider an bigger java jolt.

7. Because it’s even more tempting to get something from Tim Hortons. Even if you were really craving a Starbucks latte.

6. That crushing disappointment you feel when you have a losing cup. Makes a bad class even worse.

5. That ongoing tally of winners posted behind the counter doesn’t include you. And maybe you feel left out. Rejected. Kind of like this: http://bit.ly/16xRFq

4. When you’re the last of your friends to win. It’s like being the last virgin in your peer group.

3. Because Tim Hortons puts up features like this on its website: http://bit.ly/ekOgAO

2. Because this won’t happen this year. Mainly because there are no cash prizes: http://bit.ly/fjZmx3

1. When you finally win, you’ll be ecstatic. Until you realized you’ve spent $15 in a week to get a free hot chocolate.

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  1. 11. Your fingers get all covered in cold coffee, or you break a fingernail, trying to roll the stupid rim. Or you use your teeth. Either way, unpleasant.

  2. Why would I buy a Timmy’s? Tuesday this week; 1 large black coffee from McDonalds, cost – nothing. Wednesday this week; 1 large black coffee from McDonalds, cost – 45 cents.

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