A look at some of the things to keep you busy this semester. Photo: Marta Iwanek

Frosh: Get in touch with your campus

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By Suraj Singh

Dorm rooms: Being your home away from home, this is a bit of a no-brainer. Try to be considerate of your roommates and do it in the afternoon when they have class. For the risky entrepreneur, rent out your room to those commuter kids for an hour or two. Sure its not too romantic, but it’s better than mom’s house if you’re in a pinch.

Prof’s office: Hot for teacher (or TA for that matter)? Maybe some office hours are in your future to get in a little private tutoring, if you know what I mean. The offices aren’t too spacious but that just makes it easier to get up close and personal.

Empty class/lecture hall: If you’re more into playing the role of the teacher, why not suit up and take advantage of one of the empty classrooms or lecture halls? Then take advantage of each other.

Lab space: Plenty of programs have lab space that can be booked or is only accessible via one card. While this may be trickier to get, it guarantees at least some privacy. So be chummy to your new friends in Science or FCAD (Radio and Television kids have access to sound proof recording studios).

Quad: Feeling like a little fresh air? Take a roll around in the quad. Being “au naturel” while surrounded by nature can be a perfect mix of naughty and nice. Just try to avoid the inevitable dog shit. Also, do it at night to avoid rez kids tossing Frisbees at you.

Student lounges: Many programs have lounges full of comfy couches. Try the Arts lounge in the podium or the journalism one in the RCC. The RTA one next to it always has a party going on, so unless you’re into being watched…

SCC: Speaking of comfy couches, the basement of the student campus centre, while kind of creepy and dungeon-esque, is also rather secluded in the evening with plenty of couch space.

The library: Librarians are sexy, end of story. If your idea of hitting the books is a literal one, take to the library. It’s quiet and next to empty thanks to everything being on the internet. If you want, you can book a study room for a little more intimacy. Just keep it quiet, it is a library after all.

Washrooms: There’s always time for a quickie between classes and washrooms are a classic choice for a reason. What they lack in the romance department they make up for in the sense of adventure and spontaneity. Just don’t get toilet paper stuck on your shoe, that’s just embarrassing.

Beat the boredom

Got time to kill between classes? Lucky for you Ryerson is smack in the middle of downtown Toronto so there is no good reason to be bored.


While lectures in the AMC theatres are pretty fun, catching a matinee on your day off (or even if you have a huge gap between classes) is a great way to spend your time during the harsh winter months, plus discount tickets are available at the student campus centre.

FREE: If that’s too pricey, borrow a movie from the library. They have a surprisingly decent selection from 12 Angry Men to Zoolander.


If catching a foul ball sounds better than catching a movie, Jays games are always fun to go to. Drinking in the afternoon, making friends with strangers and jeering from the nosebleeds is something everyone needs to experience at least once.

FREE: For the movers and shakers try joining a club, everything is more fun together! There are plenty to choose from. We even have a quidditch team on campus, nothing says higher education like running around on brooms and nailing people with dodge balls


Partying is as much a part of the university experience as all night essays and energy drinks before exams. So how do you deal with all the stress of classes? The first, and most obvious, option would be grabbing a drink. Lucky for you there are several bars and pubs a hop skip and a projectile puke away from campus.

If drinking isn’t an option, either legally or by some misguided sense of morality, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too: Grab some rush tickets to a show at the theatre and pretend to be cultured on the cheap.

If comedy is more your speed check out some stand-up at Yuk Yuk’s (swing by the SCC first for cheaper tickets than buying at the door).

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