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Frosh: Leave your self respect at the door

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Your parents have finally left, you’re alone with your unpacked bags and your new independence. What’s this unfamiliar feeling? Panic? Loneliness? Associate news editor Carolyn Turgeon helps you focus on having a sick rez room, a socially inept roommate and a week you’ll never remember

#1 Fill your corkboard with old and new memories alike. Start off with pictures, letters and other tidbits to make you less homesick. Be sure to pick up as much free stuff (buttons, calenders, etc.) during frosh as you can. You can then continue to add to it throughout the year, adding new pictures, projects and concert tickets.

SAVE: Head to PharmaPlus in the Eaton Centre and print photos for 17 cents each.

#2 One of the first things you’ll notice about rez: your bed sucks. It’s small, uncomfortable and kind of gross. Make sure to fix that by splurging for some new sheets, a cozy comforter and plenty of pillows. It’s also imperative that you buy some sort of mattress pad if you want a good night’s sleep.

SAVE: Sears sells foam mattress pads of various qualities for as little as $30.

#3 Don’t be afraid to fill up those ugly walls! Posters are the easiest, and you can usually find some featuring your favourite bands, movies and celebrities. Don’t waste your time, the odd and unfriendly walls are resistant to regular adhesive. Your best bet: Blu-Tack, and lots of it.

SAVE: Fill walls and windows with instant art decals for as little as $10 at Canadian Tire. They come in various designs and are reusuable.

#4 Rearrange the furniture to add a little feng shui into your space. Rez rooms are often small, so sticking the dresser in your closet can really open up the space. The lighting is dim, so instead of straining your eyes just get on your chair and take the cover off. Be a rebel. Move shit.

SAVE: Steal extra furniture from the lounge but put it all back at the end of the year. Rez will charge your RAMSS account for any missing or additional pieces in the room.

#5 Look for something interesting to put on your desk. You’ll definitely need a pick-me-up after long hours of studying, so why not make it something original.

SAVE: Head to Honest Ed’s Bargain Store on Bloor Street.


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