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An end to CKLN Corp. looming

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By Rebecca Burton
News Editor

The CKLN corporation will face possible dissolution at their Oct. 11 general meeting.

But the corporation, which was kicked out of the Student Campus Centre (SCC) on Aug. 27 must continue to adhere to the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Comission (CRTC) by-laws due to ongoing litigation.

This past week posters were placed around the SCC requesting applications for four available student spots on the CKLN board of governors.

“We are weighing all our options,” said Joeita Gupta, vice-chair of the CKLN board of governors. “Nothing is set in stone but obviously people have caught sight of these elections posters.”

Only one student remains on the existing board of governors. Gupta said the other three members left due to CKLN’s uncertain future.

At their next meeting, CKLN will review student involvement rules in their by-laws.

“Perhaps CKLN’s time has come, but looking forward, there needs to be a grassroots community station on 88.1 FM,” she said.

If three quarters of the members are in favour of dissolving the organization they will seek the courts approval to end the company early. Any remaining assests will go towards community organizations.


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