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A roundup of some of the shadier — and just plain odd — things that happen around Ryerson’s downtown campus.

Three students were caught in the library archives on Sept. 6 trying to steal a mounted plaque with the head of Eggy the Ram. It turned out the students were from U of T and were thieving as part of a frosh challenge.

On Sept. 7, security was notified of a small fire on top of the Image Arts building. The cause of the fire was unknown and contractors put it out. Who knew vodka and cigarettes were a flammable combo?

During the 9/11 Skeptics Summit in ILLC on Sunday, security was called when a man snuck into the conference room twice and began snickering at the speakers. He refused to leave, saying he shouldn’t have to pay for entrance and proceeded to call security staff “minions.”

A student sought emergency services after he injured himself while walking on University Avenue. He attempted to kick a firecracker as he was walking. It turned out it was a solid metal pole and he smashed his foot.

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