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Communal Bathroom Etiquette

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How to not get killed by your fellow rez mates

By Carolyn Turgeon
Associate News Editor

  • Clean up after yourself so that no one else has to deal with your toothpaste in the sink, your hair in the shower, and your business in the stall.
  • While demonstrating your glorious end-of-the-night projectile vomiting, remember to aim for the toilet. If you miss, clean it up or it will be there until Monday.
  • Keep in mind that 45-minute showers are a real piss-off to the person who wants to get clean before class. And there’s always someone who has a class.
  • Always, always, always flush. Your shit does stink. Trust us.
  • If you leave anything lying around you will learn early on that people suck. Buy a shower caddy and a rack for you towels to keep in your room instead.
  • Girls primping before going out should take note that no one wants your makeup, q-tips and straightened hair all over the counter.
  • If the kitchen is too far away and you have to resort to doing your dishes in the bathroom sink, try not to cover the entire counter in suds and puddles. If you fail, clean up.
  • Running from the shower to your room in a towel is acceptable. Doing so naked is not.
  • It is considered common courtesy to clean up after yourself after not so common activities i.e. dying your hair or having a water fight.
  • The cleaning staff in rez are not your personal maids. They may be there to clean the communal areas, but believe us, if you piss them off they are capable of ignoring hidden messes and tearing down your Christmas decorations.


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