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Final word on Gould St. (for now)

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By Lee Richardson
Media Editor

Cars won’t be seen on Gould Street for at least another year, with the closure of Ryerson’s main stretch to vehicle traffic extended to September 2012. The decision was passed by Toronto and East York Community Council Monday.

A pedestrianized part of the University of Toronto campus, Willcocks Street, was also granted the same year-long extension.

“We move to staff recommendations to keep the pedestrian zones pedestrianized,” said Ward 20 Trinity-Spadina Councillor Adam Vaughan during the community council meeting.

Gould Street and part of Victoria Street were closed to vehicle traffic in September 2010 as part of a pilot project, to gauge reaction from students and the city in general.

“The closing of Gould Street is of great benefit for, not only the university, but the community at large,” said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy. “Gould Street was never a overwhelmingly traffic-heavy street. I think it’s fair — really fair — to say that the negative impact upon vehicles is really minimal.”


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