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This Sustainable Life: A toast for the Earth

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By Anne-Marie Vettorel

Number-crunching study sessions at the library can wait until Sunday night. On Fridays, life is good and Ryerson celebrates the successes of the week with a classic university tradition: drinking.

Here are some eco-friendly libations that show that green booze isn’t just for St. Patrick’s Day.

The beer necessities

Start drinking beer from local, organic breweries.

The Best: Mill St. Brewery’s award winning line-up is made in Toronto’s very own Distillery District, making the carbon footprint on these brews next to nothing.

Their Original Organic Lager is made with 100 per cent organic ingredients, so not only is it a sustainable choice, it’s as close to health food as beer can get.

The Worst: Miller Genuine Draft is part of Altria, a corporation that has funded groups who deny the existence of global warming and is currently the object of two major boycotts.

More wining, less whining

The entire Niagara growing region is committed to sustainably producing and crafting wines, so it is difficult to go wrong with an Ontario wine.

The Best: Frogpondfarm is a producer of certified organic wine, and its facility is powered with 100 per cent wind power and low-impact water power.

The Worst: It’s difficult to name a “worst offender” in this category. Close-to-home brands are better the faraway brands — think California over New Zealand — to cut down on carbon emissions.

If you’re health-conscious, stay away from wines that say “contains sulphites,” since they often contain sodium sulphite, a preservative.

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