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Students vote ‘yes’ to Ryerson Radio

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Mariana Ionova

News Editor

Ryerson students voted overwhelmingly in favour of funding a new campus radio station in this week’s Ryerson Radio referendum.

The group campaigning for a new station met quorum with a total of 3,239 votes during the referendum, which was held between Oct. 24 to Oct. 26. Of those votes, 2,773 voted in favour and 448 voted against the station, with only 18 voters spoiling their ballots.

This means that Ryerson Radio will now have access to $50,000 in funding, which will go towards filing an application for the 88.1 FM radio frequency to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). The money will come from the $250,000 reserve of funds collected from students’ 2011-12 tuition in the form of a $10.35 levy fee. The fee formerly funded community radio station CKLN, which lost its licensing earlier this year.

The application does not guarantee that Ryerson Radio will obtain the frequency and they will still be competing with at least two other applicants who have submitted a request to the CRTC.

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  1. Ryerson reminds me of an Israeli squatter demanding US welfare stipends. A pathetic squatter looking for handouts. Ryerson can’t even stand on its own two feet.

    Let it fail. Stop stealing money from students to subsidize projects that have failed in the past.

    And, look, only 3,200 out of aprox 30,000 students voted. Leave it Reryson “journalists” to print incomplete and misleading information. Nice PR piece, though.

  2. If the CRTC listens to Spirit Live, they’ll never give Ryerson a license. SL make up for the lack of CanCon by having poorly trained DJs being offensive on air and playing music that’s not suitable for broadcast.

  3. This is unbelievable. Someone is posting ridiculous thing on the eyeopener under the tag of “Zionist”. Judging by your previous comments I would say your clearly not a Zionist, and your just using that tag to make Zionist’s look bad.

    Please stop. That’s weird and freaky.

    Believe it or not Israel doesn’t have to do with everything, it is not the root of all problems. Contrary to what you probably believe, there are no elders of Zion controlling the media and the world. Please stop being such an anti-smetic dingus. Your hate on Israel, and attempts to miss-represent the state, its citizens, and its ideological followers are not welcome at an institution of higher learning.

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