Mackenzie House & a Ouija board

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On the scariest night of the year we took an Ouija board over to Mackenzie House – considered one of the most haunted houses in Canada. (Though there are rumours that it could be the most haunted building in Canada.)
Here’s a brief video of what happened.


  1. Well, you certainly prove why we need museums. 1) It’s William Lyon Mackenzie’s house, not his grandson Mackenzie King. 2) The house was built in 1858 and prior to that was un-used land of the McGill family estate (and thus nothing was built anywhere near it). And 3) The home isn’t filled with “pioneer stuff” because the Mackenzie’s weren’t pioneers. They were urban Torontonians who lived in the mid-19th Century. They shopped at St.Lawrence market for their groceries not unlike many people today. Pioneers cleared land, owned farms and generally roughed it in the bush. I seriously doubt you’ve ever set foot inside the house, let alone taken a tour.

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