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Some of Ryerson’s engineering students aren’t interested in leaving the city to find work. Kabeer Sethi reports

Engineering students at Ryerson are finding it difficult to get jobs in the GTA after graduation.

This is partly because some graduates don’t want to leave the city to find work. It is being called the “engineering effect” by students on campus.

“Of course, I would like a job in Toronto,” said Dhruvansh Vyas, a third-year electrical engineer. “I’m settled here and it’s a friendly city.”

Fellow third-year engineering student Akiff Maredia  said moving outside the GTA would mean starting from scratch.

“It’s hard to get a job anywhere, and the cost of moving and living in a new place, along with bad weather conditions, can make it even harder to adjust and work,” he said.

But some feel a move could be a positive adjustment.

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Young people should be adventurous and try getting opportunities elsewhere,” said Bo Tan, professor of aerospace engineering.

“I get students asking me for career advice all the time and I tell them if it promotes your career then try working outside Toronto and explore your options.”

“I think it’s wise to go away somewhere,” said Farrokh Sharifi, professor of mechanical and industrial engineering.

Sharifi said that experiencing life and work outside of Toronto is beneficial to any recent grad. He said that graduates always have the option of coming back to the city after gaining some experience.

Jamil Jivraj, a graduate student in electrical engineering, agrees because he’d like to explore other options.

“I would love to work overseas in Europe,” said Jivraj. “A lot of professors have told me to look for jobs outside and abroad and not to stay here.”

Vyas believes hiring practices in Toronto companies are also an issue.

“They usually hire interns from universities to do the jobs at a lower pay then regulars. That’s why it’s hard for a recent graduate with no experience to get a job here.”

Fahad Khan, a first-year chemical engineering student, said it comes down to personal ambitions.

“It’s part of the maturing process. You need to step out of your shell and develop as a person. If you’re motivated enough, then external factors shouldn’t get in the way of your ambitions,” he said.

Ronnie Wong, an electrical engineering graduate student said  students should take initiative.

“If you have a good skilled background coming out of university, then you will stand out. It is a competitive market and students shouldn’t be afraid to explore. If they want to stay in Toronto for personal reasons, then they should work even harder and get involved in university programs,” said Wong.


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