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By Lauren Strapagiel

We all know gender inequity exists. We know that there are fewer woman in politics or leading coporations. We know women make less money. We know that women are judged more on their looks than their intellect.

We know all these things, yet when women dare try to address these issues in a serious way they get called the usual names: feminazi, bitch, dyke, man-hater, etc. And unfortunately, the majority of the individuals tossing out those terms are men.

It’s as old and tired as gender inequality itself.

There seems to be a problem seperating large sociological problems and personal responsibility.

When discussing feminism, some of you men go on the defensive and use those tired words, feeling like you’re being personally blamed for all that’s wrong in the world.

You’re not.

Gender inequality is bigger than you and bigger than the male population as a whole. It’s everyone and it’s persistant in everything. Consciously or not, we all contribute to gender inequality in tiny ways that add up to our current less-than-perfect state.

So guys, what I’m saying is, it’s not you. It’s us. It’s everyone.

If you’re one of those men who saw the headline on our cover and thought “no thanks,” you should give us a shot. Gender inequality affects you as well and there are plenty of men leading the way towards a more equitable future. Jeff Perara, head of Ryerson’s White Ribbon Campaign, for example, demonstrates that standing up for equality isn’t just the job of women.

Gender issues are your issues too. So get passionate, not defensive.

As for you ladies who back away from feminism: knock it off. You have no excuse.

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