Those Other Ryersons

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People searching for Ryerson on Google are frequently sabotaged by other, less relevant search results.

Here are some of the more notorious Ryersons on the Google-searchable Internet.

Ryerson Inc.-“The Strength in Metal”

This company makes and distributes metal products across North America and China. In their ‘Doing Business’ section, they state “we’d like to help make doing business with Ryerson as easy as we can. In today’s busy world, time is an important commodity.” This company clearly understands something our school administration does not. If you have ever needed to talk to someone from the school about tuition, transfer credits, or are a member of the student media, you get it. Their employees also enjoy tuition reimbursement. Enough said.

Township of Ryerson

Located 40 kilometres from Huntsville, Ryerson Township has a population of 685 people. It was also named after Egerton Ryerson. Whoever wrote the website describes a storybook village with lakes, syrup-making, and dense forests. The township has its own ice arena, public library, museum and ‘Screaming Heads’ monument, which the author of the webpage describes as  “reminiscent of Stonehenge, with attention to the configuration of heavenly bodies…… Like solar fins, contorted by the tension of light and dark, the disks scream to eternity.” I’m curious who decided to install this sculpture in a picturesque little town.

Ryerson Camp

A United Church summer camp on Lake Erie. In addition to regular summer camp activities,  the camp offers a wilderness option where children frolic in the woods all week and as a bike camp where participants are forced to bike 20 km each day. Also, the staff look like crazy pirates. I don’t know whether this camp is also named after Egerton, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Ryerson Community School

A K-8 school close to Kensington Market. A very stern sign on the fence outside the school’s playground warns any unauthorized visitors from entering the school’s property. One has to wonder whether they’ve had issues with creepers on the playground.

Ryerson Commons

A swanky condo development in Cobourg. Sounds a lot like Campus Commons, our friendly just-off-campus housing for parents worried about their children, but no, this place has designer kitchens with marble-topped countertops and interiors you can fully customize. Also named after Egerton.

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