TRSM to vote on new fee

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By Haaruun Dhubat

The Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) will vote from Nov. 7 to 10 on whether they should collect an extra $50 student fee to start a business-specific career service centre.

The student presented proposal was initially approved by the Board of Governors on Sept. 6.

Angelo Pirosz is the president of the Ryerson Commerce Society (RCS) and a fourth-year accounting student. Pirosz estimates $750,000 will come from the proposed fees and $250,000 will come from the school’s budget.

“The university centre is under-resourced and understaffed,” said Pirosz. “Business students cannot get the one on one consultation that they need to be successful.”

He explained that, according to research by RCS and the dean’s office, Ryerson ranks last in career services in comparison to 14 business schools in Canada and other schools in the U.S., while ranking first in enrollment (one in every

eight applicants are accepted).

“Ryerson students aren’t going and getting jobs after leaving Ryerson, and a career services centre will provide them with better skills to succeed in the workplace,” Pirosz said.

An RCS survey indicated that an overwhelming number of students believe they would benefit from a new business career services centre.

“I am going to vote yes because from what I heard about it, it will benefit me in the long run,” said Brook Pickering, a first-year business management student.

This new fee will be used to partially fund a Career Development and Employment Partnership program at TRSM.

“The students had a very strong presentation to the board,” said Ryerson president Sheldon Levy. “They demonstrated that the cost for their career centre is far less than most and I don’t think there was one university that had a lower fee than what they were proposing.”

“I think it’s a very good investment for the students on behalf of their careers,” said Levy.

The fee would be $50 for all students registered in three or more units, with a reduced fee for those registered in less than three units, administered per term.


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