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Having to do all of your course readings sucks. But having to buy all of the textbooks for them sucks even more. Here are a few places off-campus to help you save a penny or two before the semester gets underway. Communities Editor Nicole Siena, shows you how


Amazon has almost any textbook you’re looking for at a fraction of the regular price.

The textbooks are usually new or in good condition. The only downfall to shopping online is the shipping. Be sure to order the book before you actually need it because the site has been known to take a little while to get the material to your front door.

2. Facebook groups

You’re on Facebook all the time anyways so why not be moderately productive while you’re creeping your friend list? Check out the Ryerson Textbooks Facebook page to buy and sell books. You can also go to your program’s various pages. This will help you narrow down the search to books you really need.

3. 215 Victoria St. Suite #101

Sure, the people who work at the store conveniently called

“Discount Books” get in our way when we’re walking around campus, but have you ever picked up their flyer?

They claim to sell the most required textbooks for each semester. Their flyers contain a list of the books they sell and they’ll also buy your textbooks as long as they’re still required.

4. The World Wide Web

There are many websites and internet forums that allow students to buy and sell textbooks. Some top searches are, and Double check all issue numbers and volumes are the ones you need. But, also remember that modifications between issues are minimal.

Remember to use proper judgement when making transactions over the internet or when meeting up with someone.

5. BMV

There’s a BMV right at the corner of Edward and Yonge streets. It might be worth checking out. They have tons of used books covering a variety of topics and genres. You never know what you’ll find.

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