Contributors to The Continuist. PHOTO COURTESY OF NICK WHITE

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The Continuist is a hidden gem at Ryerson that publishes everything from student art to literature. Sophie Mikhaylova reports

The Continuist is not a place you will find daily news updates, analysis of campus politics or your sports fix.

But flip through its pages and you will find poetry, illustrations and artwork pulled together by a small, dedicated group of students.

The Continuist is a zine created and distributed by students of the Arts and Contemporary Studies (ACS) faculty but is largely unknown within Ryerson.

“There’s so many creative groups at Ryerson, but there’s no unity, no community,” said one of The Continuist’s current co-editors, Nick White.

“We notice there’s a lot of creative students at Ryerson, and a lot of students create art outside of school, and we want to bring them together so they can collaborate.”

Students of the ACS faculty, who came to the project from another school zine called Closet Space, created The Continuist in 2005.

Although it’s based in ACS, it isn’t exclusive. Students from all programs are encouraged to submit their art and writing and to take part in publishing and creating it.

However, contributors said that only a small number of them do.

“Not enough people know about The Continuist,” said Megan Stulberg, a first-year ACS student at the zine.

“I think [those who do] think we’re snobby,” added White, although he said this is not true. The Continuist publishes all submissions, if not in print, then at least on the blog.

Another problem The Continuist faces is finding similar groups of people in the community.

“We want to collaborate, but there’s just not a lot of similar publications to collaborate with,” said White.

“I find that, at Ryerson, there’s kind of a cold and impersonal thing where everyone ignores each other. We’re trying to be different.”

The original creators of The Continuist graduated last year, leaving returning staff White, Jenna Danchuk, and Tom Dunbar in charge.

Now, the new team has “a new vision” for the zine, White said.

“This year, we’re making more, smaller zines leading up to a big zine at the end of the year,” said White.

This is a change from the previous format of The Continuist, which would only publish one final zine at the end of the school year, with all of the submissions.

For many contributors, the zine has led to more than published work, creating lasting friendships.

“Art is a huge part of my life and finding people at Ryerson who like things I do and who get my art is great,”said Stulberg.

“It’s nice to meet people who appreciate your art and other art.”

Stulberg added that she didn’t know many people initially, but The Continuist’s casual atmosphere made her feel comfortable.

“All of my good friends at Ryerson are because of The Continuist,” said White.

“I think we’re unique. I think there’s no other group like us.”


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