Get a fresh start this coming year

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New Year’s resolutions are hard enough to make, let alone keep. Carley Baison helps you get out of your 2011 slump.

#1 – Getting the grade

Wouldn’t it be nice to pass all your classes this year? Get off your ass and go to all of your lectures. Although your instructions might terrify you, visiting them during their office hours can actually be beneficial. If you need additional help, check out the library website or the Learning Success Centre.

#2 – Learn something new

If you’re sick of the slump the fall semester put you in, try getting our of your comfort zone. And maybe raise your IQ a few points. Check out some of Ryerson’s student groups or sign up for a class at the RAC. If all else fails, go off campus. Maybe you’ll finally sign up for that class you’ve always wanted to take.

Check out where you can search your interests and attend events throughout the city.

#3 – Make cash and keep it

As a university student, cash is hard to come by. Take a look at jobs available through the work-study program or volunteer research positions with professors. Put up 10 per cent of every paycheque into a savings account and watch your money pile up.

Go to for more information.

#4 – Kicking the habit

Smoking and drinking can put a dent in your health and your wallet – especially if you tend to combine the habits. If you want to make an effort to cut down try to distract yourself by exercising or finding other ways to unwind. If you smoke four packs a week a $7.25 each, you spend $1,508 a year. Never mind your weekly purchase of a two-four at the Beer Store.

#5 – Get your academics organized

Make a plan and stick to it. Don’t deviate from what you know works for you! There are still some agendas available at the Ryerson Students’ Union office; write down deadlines for each course and give yourself one to two week reminders for midterms, exams and essays.

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