ILLC feels no heat

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By Rebecca Burton
News Editor

Not only did intense flooding shut down the International Living and Learning Centre (ILLC)’s cafeteria in November, but residents are now stuck without hot water as well as fluctuating water pressure.

Tori Lang, ILLC resident and first-year fashion design student said she was uncomfortable with the amount of time since her last shower.

According to Yong Seto, conference and food services manager, no extensive problems were reported before the break.

Upon students return to residence in the new year Seto said he did hear of issues of hot water supply to the upper floors of ILLC.

According to students, they have not had hot water for the past week and occassionally there has been no water at all.

Student Housing Services (SHS) first communicated through email on Jan. 12, recognizing there were problems with the water pressure and temperature in the ILLC building. Promises were made to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

A secondary email was sent to students saying SHS would be shutting off all water in ILLC from 8 a.m. — 5 p.m. on Jan. 14 and 15. SHS offered ILLC residents access to Pitman Hall common washrooms and showers, to which they were assigned specific floors.

Kyle Butella, vice-president finance and administration of the Ryerson Residence Council, said the water only remained off for approximately one to two hours both days.

Residents were told on Jan. 16 that water pressure issues were not able to be repaired as new pumps had to be ordered. It would still be a few more days before problems could be rectified.

“Obviously it’s not their fault, it’s just really annoying that no one was in the building for a full month and they wait ‘til we come back to fix it,” said Butella.

ILLC is the most expensive residence at Ryerson at approximately $11,627 yearly. Some students feel financial compensation is in order but Seto said nothing of this nature has been discussed.


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