It’s a school night. What are you up to?

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Joe Scozzari, 18, retail management

“I’m going to try and go to bed early. I have class at 9 a.m. so that’s probably a good plan.”

Iram Partap, 18, journalism

“I think there’s something going on in the Pitman café with music to welcome everyone back to residence. I’m probably going to go to that, and just try and recover from the last two nights.”

Chloe Leznoff, 18, criminal justice

“I’m unpacking. I just moved in like five minutes ago, so that’s my only plan.”






Adam Epstein, 22, business

“I’m going to watch football game right now, and watch the NBA games afterwards.”







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Daniel Sherman, 26, language at the Chang School

“We’re going to Loblaws.”

Maya Restoji, 25, language at the Chang School

“We heard there’s a 200-foot cheese wall, so we’re going to check that out.”






Victoria Martinze, 18, business management

“I actually have to drop off an essay that I had to do during the break.”

Christina Dun, 19, journalism

“I’ll be looking at my schedule to make sure I know where I’m going.”






Dylan Brenton, 19, acting

“I’m going to go and clean my room because I’m living in the residence and I just went home to St. Johns for a month. That’s all I have to do for tomorrow, just get my life in order.”






Diana Koncan, 18, architecture

“I’m planning on having a good night with my roommates. I won’t be able to relax once school starts.”





Ginnie Chen, 31, certified management accounting



  1. The cheese wall was cool but more like 20-feet..not 200. We over-hyped it a bit.

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