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Since you might as well exercise your democratic right to vote no matter how limited the choices are, you should at least have some background on the ballot. Lauren Fogazzi gives you the run down on this year’s candidates.

Rodney Diverlus
3rd yr dance
Running for President
Students United

Rodney has been VP Equity for the past two years and hopes to continue the work he was doing in that position. His primary aim is to lobby the university for additional multifaith spaces on campus. He wants to launch a new website and use social media to connect students. He also hopes to promote provincial student movements to lobby the situations common to all Ontario students.

Mark Single
4th yr engineering
Running for President

This is Mark’s fourth year running for an RSU position. His platform is based on individual liberties and fiscal responsibility. He’s opposed to almost every stance the current RSU takes. He hopes to see the RSU cut spending in several areas. He feels they should not involve themselves in municipal and federal politics, and is opposed to the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). He hopes to add more street food to campus and build school spirit.

Suraj Singh
4th yr radio and television
Running for President

As founder of Ryerson’s Quidditch team, Suraj hopes to extend his magic further across campus. He wants to improve the school library by creating napping spaces, a therapy zone and a corgi petting zoo. He volunteers to help use any unused student condoms and hopes he will affect many student bodies while doing so. He also hopes to improve night life by expanding the Ram in the Rye and turning Ryerson into a cool and sought-after university.

Melissa Palermo
3rd yr new media
Yes/No for VP Education
Students United

Melissa hopes to help mobilize students to lobby the government to make education more affordable. She wants to continue working with students to build momentum around the Drop Fees campaign. She also hopes to improve the work-study program so that more students will be eligible.

Marwa Hamid
4th yr journalism
Yes/No for VP Equity
Students United

Marwa is passionate about turning Ryerson into an inclusive campus. She hopes to lobby for the institutionalization of equity, in the hopes of adding an equity statement to all course syllabi to promote a zero-discrimination policy. She also wants to create more gender neutral spaces, such as washrooms.

Andrew McAllister
4th yr performance production
Yes/No for VP Operations
Students United

Andrew was on the board for the faculty of communication and design (FCAD) for two years. Through his experiences talking to students he hopes to have found issues that the Ryerson community is really passionate about. These include keeping Gould Street closed and extending the closure to Church Street.

Ifaz Iqbal
3rd yr business
Yes/No for VP Student Life and Events
Students United

Ifaz is hoping to improve frosh week and other student functions. He plans to do this by bringing his passion for organizing events such as concerts to the table. He hopes to collaborate with the CFS to get bigger artists to perform on campus.

Election Info

The President sets the RSU’s major policies and goals for the academic year. They oversee the other executives, direct large projects and occupy the office closest to the door.

The responsibilities of the VP Education have been cut since the implementation of VP Equity. VP Education is still in charge of certain activist campaigns about education and fees, and acts as an advocate for students.

VP Equity is in charge of campaigns against discrimination and supervises the Equity and Sustainability Committee.

VP Student Life and Events organizes parties and other events including the annual Parade and Picnic. They also meet with student groups and plan many multicultural events.

VP Operations balances the books and supervises RSU services including the Used Book Room and selling Metropasses. They set the budget for the RSU and affiliated student groups.

Voting will take place Feb. 6, 7 and 8. Campaigning will begin Jan. 25. This year’s chief returning officer is Daniel Lo.

There are three candidates running for president. The other four nominees are running uncontested and will be chosen by a Yes/No ballot.

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