The shit we say goes viral

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Jeff Lagerquist

Online Editor

It all started in 2009 when a 29-year-old, semi-employed comedy writer named Justin Halpern moved back into his parents’ house in San Diego. He created a Twitter account to share the outrageous and genuinely odd things his 74-year-old father would say. Today, @shitmydadsays has nearly 3 million followers. The account inspired a CBS sitcom series that lasted a year, as well as countless fresh takes on the concept.

It seems people love hearing about the shit we say. The meme has been endlessly used to poke fun at gender, ethnic, and religious stereotypes. And yesterday, two Ryerson students used it to highlight the shit we say and hear around our campus every day. The video by Mikey Sadowski, a third-year hospitality and tourism management student, and Kody McWilliams in third-year radio and television arts has already attracted 18,000 hits on YouTube.

Sadowski and McWilliams made the two minute video for their group of friends to enjoy. They figured it would get no more than 1,000 hits.

“All we did was post it on our own Facebook walls. Our friends started posting it on their friend’s walls and it just spiraled into a viral thing. Next thing we knew there were all these people congratulating us on Facebook and Twitter. We had no idea who these people were,” said McWilliams.

The pair had never made a comedy video before and don’t currently have any plans for another. McWilliams’ YouTube account only has one other video. That’s not to say that a follow up isn’t in the cards.

“People keep subscribing to our YouTube so who knows, maybe we’ll make a second,” said McWilliams.


Way to go fellas, and thanks for choosing our truly superior cover layout.

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