Bookstore dead and gone

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What was formerly a campus book store is now becoming more class space for Ryerson.

The Bond Street bookstore was not accessible to many confused students when they returned to start the new semester in January.

It was under construction, and the books had been moved to the Gould Street campus store and to a temporary store set up in POD-252.

“The reason that happened was for more academic space in the building, [we’re] putting that as a priority,” said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy.

The classroom space will be used for psychology and urban and regional planning classes and expanding psychology labs is of particular importance.

Levy said it will not be possible for the university to put all the books into the campus store and that the Podium building is a temporary location.

They are currently looking for a new home for the boxes upon boxes of books, but there are no plans in the works to build a new store.

Levy doesn’t believe that anyone will want to build another building just for books in such a digital age.

“I sure wouldn’t invest a lot of money into bricks and mortar for analog books,” he said.

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