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By Gin Sexsmith

You’re bored, you’re horny and you should be studying.  You’ve resorted to sexting, but the usual “what would you do to me right now’s ?” and “I want you’s” aren’t really cutting it anymore.

You’ve heard how many ways it can go wrong, you’ve seen the leaked photos of Vanessa Hudgens and Scarlett Johansson online, and Ke$ha and Taio Cruz even sing a song about it. It’s not really making you change your mind.

It seems like everyone does it: but is taking dirty pictures worth all the hype?

Yeah, probably.

Social media has allowed us to flirt 24/7. And for most of us, those tension-ridden-texts can often lead to the oh-so-common reply “send me a pic”. At the moment, especially if you’re in a relationship with the requestee and feel so in love (or lust – which makes instant gratification even more vital), sending a pic seems harmless.

You have to admit, just the thought of taking one is more of an aphrodisiac than Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” (and please don’t tell me I’m the only one who still gets a bit of a thrill in the nether regions from that song). Porn is a huge industry for a reason –dirty pictures give us the chance to all feel like porn stars, even if just for a couple of minutes.

But, those couple minutes of fun have their risks. Sites like ratemyexgirlfriend.com now give douchebag exes even more incentive to toss your pic up on the web. And it’s safe to say most of us know someone whose sleazy boyfriend showed her titty shot to all of his friends.

The risks can be enough to make you put your camera away– but at the same time, isn’t the risk part of the appeal? Risk is the reason why we have sex outside, in cars, in airplane bathrooms. The chance of getting caught has to be one of the sexiest feelings ever. We all know we probably shouldn’t take those pictures, but in the name of feel-good-endorphins we snap away.  And it’s kind of hot to think that you’re in someone’s spank bank, isn’t it?

I don’t think nudity should be such a big deal. But it is. So if you’re worried about your naughty-bits going viral, make sure to keep your face out of the photos – if he (or she) insists on a shot with your face and you’re feeling skeptical, send a yearbook photo and tell him to wank away.

But, if you’re nervous, here’s a list of safe(r) ways to show yourself off (and for kicks I tossed in a couple other ideas too ;))

– If you’re a little shy: Cleavage pic in a sexy bra. If it’s just a picture of your boobs it’s pretty safe to say you can deny it if you need to. Perks? Let’s be real, if he could get away with gawking at them all day, he would. This allows him to gawk on his own time.

– If you like to tease: Start at your toes and work your way up pic by pic. It’s sexy in a cutesy kind of way. Perks? Leaves you in total control of how much to reveal, and leaves the sendee excited for more.

–Just in case:  I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. If you’re hung up on the idea of the pic eventually getting into the wrong hands, ask for a photo first. That way if your pic leaks you have ammo too.

– The Captain Morgan: Kidding …. or am I?

Are you all for dirty pictures? Have you had a bad experience from being a little too snap-happy? Are you camera-shy? Let me know! Hit me up @ginsexsmith or email me at communities@theeyeopener.com


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