Valentine’s Day: There’s No Need to Feel Lonely

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By Gin Sexsmith

By the time you’ll be reading this it will have come and passed, Hallmark’s, People’s Jewellers, and Russell Stover’s favourite holiday: Valentine’s Day. Like New Year’s Eve, there is a lot of hype over the “perfect” Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, seeing the abundance of pink and red, chocolates in pretty little heart-shaped boxes, and engagement ring ads can be enough to induce a severe case of nausea and depression – but, does it have to be this way?

I think not.

Yes, being single on Valentine’s Day sucks if you’re in the mind set of “no roses for me, I’m so alone blah, bitch, moan” but instead I hope you used this holiday to your utmost advantage. Think of the money you’ve saved by not having to buy someone a present, think of the stress you never felt trying to pick out the perfect outfit or agonizing over whether or not your night will be as good as you’ve expected.

So, what I’m wondering is, did anyone pick up last night?

To me, it seems like it would be the ideal time – because this commercial holiday has become almost solely based on couples, the singles out there – even the ones who never deal with bouts of loneliness – are made to feel lonely by default. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, I just hope you did something about it and got the lovin’ you deserve. Ok, V-day hookups might not be your answer to finding everlasting love, but at 2 a.m. what’s love got to do with it? I want to give kudos to the troopers who went out last night and risked it all for the chance of a good time. Let’s be real, while a threesome with Ben and Jerry might have been enticing, going out and making something happen could be all the more rewarding.

Not to use and abuse people’s desperation, but sometimes a little unwarranted sleaziness is the best way to cure [insert any less-than-fantastic noun, ie. loneliness, boredom etc. etc.]. I hope if you were struck by the blues last night you found someone who wanted to cure their frustrations too.
Not the type to mingle? If you didn’t end up looking snazzy and taking on the city, I certainly hope that you turned off The Notebook and did the next best thing: there’s nothing wrong with a raunchy night for one.

All in all, the voyeur in me really wants to know: did any of you use Valentine’s Day hype to get some?

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