Eyeopener Parody Issue: Master (rap) plans and bathtub breweries

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Do you like flat-brim hats? Do you like Sheldon Levy?* Well both those things combine this year in the most explosive Eyeopener Parody Issue ever.

Get it online now.

*If you’re not a fan of either of these things, you’re obviously some kind of maladjusted Ryersonian reader.



  1. The parody issue was great… until I turned the page to the review of Lion King in 3D. I love Lion King. Love. And no matter what age group you are Disney has always been able to appeal to the child in every adult. That being said, Leon Kingston wrote a terrible review on a great film that he probably watched a million times as a kid and just wanted to review it to be “funny”. The fact that he is reviewing a film that came out in October makes no-sense. And why on Earth review a movie that is good with 89% on Rotten Tomatoes? You are a terrible critic. And why not do a movie that is of more recent release and actually did suck such as The Vow? The Lion King is a sacred film so buzz off.

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