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Eaton Centre Shooting

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Jeff Lagerquist

One person has died and seven others remain in hospital following a shooting in the Eaton Centre’s food court around 6:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Police have confirmed that the shooter is still at large.

“We asked the customers to remain inside the store, and then we crouched on the ground until there was an announcement saying we could evacuate,” said Jennifer Walker, an employee at the Virgin Mobile store on the first floor, right above the food court on the lower level.

Walker says she clearly heard four or five bursts of gunfire.

Initial reports suggest two men were shot while a pregnant woman may have gone into labour.

The TTC was initially shut down between Bloor and Union stations for the investigation, but has partially reopened. Trains are currently bypassing Queen and Dundas stations.

Both the 501 and the 505 streetcars were diverted.

More to follow.



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