Filipe Leite will be riding two horses from Calgary to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Seriously.


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Eyeopener Staff

In a special two-part podcast, Jeff, Kai, Charles, and Arts & Life editor Susana Gómez Báez talk to Filipe Leite, a Ryerson journalism graduate who has some interesting summer plans.

Leite, a returning guest to the podcast, will ride two horses from Calgary to his hometown.

Except his hometown is Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The 16,000 km trip, called “Journey America”, will be a physical challenge, considering it will take 2 years and will cross 12 countries. But Leite says the purpose of the trip is to connect people from different communities and social backgrounds.

He’ll be documenting and filming stories from these communities throughout the trip and plans to submit a documentary for awards.

“I’m doing this for human rights, and my horses are trekking for the rights they deserve,” he said in a previous interview.

Leite will be begin “Journey America” after visiting veterinary clinics to make sure his horses are in top condition for the journey.

Check out the Eyeopener Podcast for the two-parter with Leite.

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