H is for Hangovers

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You’re not really sure where you are who who this is beside you, but it must have been a good night. Your eyes burn and your head hurts and the inside of your mouth feels like those rather scratchy socks your grandma gave you for Christmas. Welcome to your very own hangover!

Just as drinking is a major staple in the lives of many students, hangovers are a staple in the life of every drinker. Hangovers can range from mild uneasiness to a full-blown three day coma, depending on how much you drank and whether you’re Gary Busey. But the important thing is to not let the hangover get the best of you.

The first thing to learn is prevention. You really can get away with a mid-range hangover after the wildest of nights if you prepare accordingly. Your mother will tell you the easiest way to avoid a hangover is to just not drink. This is why she doesn’t get invited to parties.

The real thing to keep in mind is water. Drink water before you go out drinking, drink it while you’re drinking, drink it after you’re done drinking and drink it when you wake up the next morning.

Okay, maybe don’t do all of those, but try to have a few glasses here and there. Hangovers are largely caused by dehydration, so you can really avoid the worst of it with a bit of water.

Also, eat something. If you’re going to be drinking for several hours, you should eat beforehand, and maybe once when you’re out. As if you needed an excuse to order nachos.

Next, we deal with the hangover. Here’s the thing: go to class. Not only because knowledge is power, but also because a hangover feels way worse when you have nothing to do. Set several alarms to ensure you wake up, go to class and have some coffee or lunch with friends. By the time you’re done for the day, you’ll probably feel well enough to hit the pub again.

Hangover cures are a different story. Everybody seems to swear by one, and some seem to work better than others, but the general consensus is that there’s no way to cure a hangover entirely.

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  1. I experience the same symptoms of a hangover as mentioned here. I love drinking alcohol. But when I drink in excess it leaves a terrible hangover which I hate. I search for remedies all the time.

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