Gould campaign continues

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By Ashley Cochrane

Ryerson’s Committee of Sustainability is developing a campaign to expand Gould Street’s pedestrian-only zone to Gould and Church Streets.

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) began a movement in 2009 to close down parts of Gould Street, making the campus safer and more community-oriented for students.

By February 2012, Toronto city council voted to keep portions of the street, from Victoria to Bond Streets, a permanent pedestrian-only zone.

Now the RSU hopes to close down the Gould Street stretch from Bond Street to Church Street.

“Gould Street bisected our campus as a bypass to get from Church to Yonge, which are two very busy streets,” said Rodney Diverlus, president of the RSU. “We still see massive trucks trying to get through.”

Ryerson’s Committee of Sustainability believes closing down more of Gould Street will minimize the amount of traffic that tries to get through the now pedestrian-only part of campus.

The additional part of the street will also create more space to further promote student unity.

“People now don’t just go home. We have tables and chairs to chill, more events, concerts and street fairs,” Diverlus said. The RSU plans to use this school year to get feedback from Ryerson students before moving forward.

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