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O say can you TTC

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By Astoria Luzzi

Biz & Tech Editor

Buses and streetcars and trains, oh my! Don’t worry young Rye Skywalker, relying on transit to get around Toronto isn’t that difficult. But it’s a tad annoying. The first step is knowing where you are going because that will determine the type of transportation you will want to take. If you’re a beginner and are not very familiar with the TTC, Google Maps is a great tool to help you plan your route. Simply type in your starting point and destination and choose the transit option.

It will then tell you which buses, streetcars, or subway you will need to take, and where to catch them. Easy as that. Most streetcar and bus stops also feature a number you can text to find out when the next one will be arriving.

TTC tokens and passes can be bought at subway stations and some convenience stores. On campus, tokens and TTC adult passes are sold at the Metro across from the Rogers Communication Center on Gould Street.

Tokens and adult and discount student passes are also available at the RSU desk in the lobby of the Student Campus Center. Beware of ridiculously long line-ups during the last week of the month when going to pick up your monthly pass. Opt to go really early in the morning or really late at night. Or endure the line if that’s your type of thing.

Going outside Toronto? Visiting friends or trying to keep that long-distance relationship alive by travelling to another university? Your best option is probably GO transit, Greyhound, or VIA Rail.  GO has a variety of bus routes, some of which will drop you off directly at another university campus and their fares can be pretty reasonable.

Opt for Greyhound buses, VIA Rail or other bus companies if you’re planning on going a bit further.  Tickets for Greyhound or VIA Rail can be bought online as well as at their stations. GO buses and trains, as well as VIA Rail trains, can be caught at Union Station.  Greyhound buses can be caught very close to Ryerson campus at the Toronto Coach Terminal at 610 Bay Street.

The first time you attempt to conquer Toronto transit, try going with someone that has experience with its finicky service.  Or download these handy apps that will help you with routes and schedules, because there’s not much more advice we can give you other than surrender your personal bubble.

Rocket Man

  • Provides you with the arrival times of all TTC buses and streetcars.
  • Shows real-time locations of buses and streetcars on a map.
  • Uses GPS on your phone to pin-point the nearest TTC stops.
  • Shows alerts and delays on all routes.

GO Transit Mobile

  • Allows you to access schedule information and save your most-used bus or train schedule.
  • Gives you arrival alerts and service updates.
  • Allows you to pin-point the closest GO stations and browse bus stops and stations in the Toronto area.

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