CESAR votes “yes” to health and dental

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By Ramisha Farooq

Members of the Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson (CESAR) will now have the full benefits of a health and dental plan after the union’s constituents voted in overwhelming favour of the benefits during a five-day referendum.

Voting ended at 4:30 p.m. Monday with more than 80 per cent in favour of the benefits.

“This is the first time we have had the opportunity to provide parttime students with benefits,” said Annie Hyder, a part-time student herself, and vice president of student rights at CESAR.

“We were one of the only schools in Toronto that didn’t provide benefits to its part-time students.” The benefits will come into effect Sept. 1, 2013, when part-time students will be charged an annual fee for full health and dental coverage-

$84.20 for the health plan, and $71.75 for the dental.

The plan will provide coverage for a portion of the costs for various prescription drugs, extended healthcare and dental procedures.

In a recent survey conducted by CESAR, it was found that 84 per cent of part-time students were in favour of the change.

“You get your health care in Canada through [collectively] paying for it,” said Matthew Cwihun, part-time student and current CESAR director of campaigns and equity/public administration and governance, in a previous interview with The Eyeopener. “The same social structure needs to be present in the university community environment.” Green Shield Canada, the notfor profit company that is providing students with these benefit, is known for its comprehensive suite of plan design options.

Green Shield was recommended to the executive team at CESAR.

“We’ve done all the research,” said Hyder. “This was a priority for our current executive team and we’re glad it went through.”


  1. CESAR is awesome! I voted yes! They came into all four of my classes to talk to us. Even though I’m graduating this year, I’m happy to see that starting next year part-time students will have benefits, FINALLY! I’ve attended other schools before, and Ryerson was the only one without a health and dental plan. So happy to see this change!

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