Hungry hungry students

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By Shannon Clarke

A look at any of the posters stapled to the bulletin boards on campus and it’s clear Ryerson students are concerned with two things: food and money.

Ryerson’s Community Food Room tries to help those short on both. But despite regular campaigns and outreach, Food Room assistant Daya Senthilnathan said there are more people turning up than nonperishables coming in.

“Membership of the food room has increased significantly and we’re seeing that students are having to cut back on food expenses in order to afford to go to school,” said Andrew McAllister, Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) vice-president operations.

Last week’s faculty food drive was dissapointing compared to last month, when the Food Room received more donations than could fit in its corner space on the second floor of the Student Campus Centre.

Gesturing to the near-empty shelves, Senthilnathan said there isn’t enough food to meet the demands.

There are 370 students registered to use the food bank. Volunteers and coordinators don’t ask for proof of need from anyone who walks through the door.

The Community Food Room is an equity service centre promoted and funded by the RSU. McAllister, who is heading the Taskforce on Campus Food, teamed up with the Food Room last week to hand out lunches in front of the Hub cafeteria.

“Everyone deserves to have good quality food that they can afford,” McAllister said.

Spring food drives are held in March, and donations can be dropped off anytime directly to the Community Food Room, the RSU front desk, or at collection boxes around campus.

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