CRO Shelby Kennedy announces who is running in the upcoming RSU elections. PHOTO: MOHAMED OMAR

RSU unveils election candidates

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By Eyeopener Staff

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) elections won’t be hotly contested this year, as only two executive positions have more than one running candidate.

Shelby Kennedy, Chief Returning Officer (CRO) for this year’s elections, announced the verified candidates at a meeting Monday.

Melissa Palermo, who will finish up her second term as vice-president education at the RSU in April, is going for the presidency. Her challenger is Roble Mohamed.

Rajean Hoilett and Ani Dergalstanian will duke it out for the VP equity spot, a position currently held by Marwa Hamad.

Roshelle Lawrence is running for the VP education position unopposed.

Ifaz Iqbal, VP student life and events, is running for the VP operations position. He is uncontested.

Danielle Brogan, a Faculty of Communications and Design director at the RSU, has no opposition in her bid for the VP student life and events job. Brogan, a fashion communications student, is also the Athletics Commissioner at the RSU.

Kennedy gave candidates a rundown of campaign do’s and don’ts, outlined the duties and powers of the CRO during the election, and explained the work of the Election Appeals Committee (EAC).

Though candidates may not send unsolicited emails to potential voters, emailing is permitted if consent is obtained, according to candidate guidelines.

A candidate may create a website, subject to approval by the CRO, to promote his or her campaign and platform. Facebook groups are allowed, though candidates may not send messages to followers.

While a ruling made by the CRO can be appealed by a candidate, the EAC “cannot amend the penalty as made by the CRO, they can only accept or overturn the decision,” candidate guidelines state.

Campaigning will start on Jan.

30 at midnight, and voting days run from Feb. 11 to Feb. 13.


    1. “Roshelle Lawrence is running for the VP education position unopposed.” It’s in there!

  1. It’s getting more and more pathetic at Ryerson.

    I’d say “apathetic”, but I think everyone has the idea that it’s futile to resist the will of the CFS. It’s quite a difference, at least from appearances, from just 10 years ago.

  2. Crickey, I disagree, we CAN resist the CFS but we need to pull together, and get enough students on board to make it happen . it will not happen overnight but with some effort, and some work it ca n be done. I am willing to put the time and energy into doing this, but the more help I can get , the better.

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