Outgoing RSU president Rodney Diverlus (L) and uncontested vice-president operations candidate Ifaz Iqbal (centre) wait for election results to come out. Mohamed Omar/The Eyeopener

Students United dominates elections

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Eyeopener Staff

For yet another year, the Students United slate dominated the Ryerson Students’ Union elections this Wednesday.

Next year’s executive will include Melissa Palermo as president, Roshelle Lawrence as vice-president education, Rajean Hoilett as vice-president equity, Ifaz Iqbal as vice-president operations and Danielle Brogan as vice-president student life and events.

Brogan, Lawrence and Iqbal were uncontested.

Palermo earned the RSU’s top spot with a total of 1641 votes — 976 more than her opponent, first-year civil engineering student Roble Mohamed, who scored 665 votes.

Hoilett won with 1510 votes. Independent Ani Dergalstanian, a third-year politics student, had 784.

Students United also managed to secure spots for faculty representatives, claiming all the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Community Service, and Faculty of Communication and Design positions.

Mohamed said in an interview Monday that this won’t be his only try at running for an RSU position.

“Losing doesn’t deter me from trying again. If I lose this year, I’ll just go again next year. And next year I’ll have more experience from this year, so I’ll have a better chance next year,” he said.

The jobs come with a paycheque of around $30,000.

  • Faculty of Arts directors: Annalise Huynh, Tiffany Landau, and Philip Rafalko.
  • Faculty of Business directors: Layla Hussain, Hilary Taylor, Satham Manik, and Nickeisha Mungal.
  • FCAD directors: Brian Hui, Jonathan Pavan, and Katie Shim.
  • Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science directors: Saleh Alteniji, Rose Ghamari, and Rachael Saunders.
  • Meisam Salahi won the Deputy Student Life position.
  • Graduate Chairperson: Ali Naqvi



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